The Ultimate Purpose of Conflict

The ultimate purpose of managing interpersonal conflict is to grow us emotionally in self-awareness, storytelling, emotional management, and moral and ethical character. There aren’t any apps, searches, or other fancy technological shortcuts for the development of those traits in us.

Just Make It Work

Two things are happening simultaneously in our organizational cultures, our markets, and our personal lives. We have established non-curiosity (“I don’t care how it works, I just want it to work”) as the new standard for engaging with the work, the ideas that interest us (or not) and the world Read more…

First 200 Bad Drawings

There are 200 bad drawings inside every comic book artist. Just as there are an estimated 1,000 bad words/turns of phrase inside of every writer. And there are a certain number of below quality (or poor quality) teaching or training experiences inside of every teacher and trainer. There are 1,500 Read more…

Resistance to Change is Pernicious

The resistance to needed changes in your organization is insidious, pernicious, persistent and determined. And if you are committed to making changes by grappling with the resistance, your approach to resistant people, resistant systems, and resistant attitudes should be as well.