“You Can Learn Leadership From Anything and Anyone,” w/Tom Libby 

Welcome & Introduction  – 00:23
Learning Hard Lessons From Paper Leaders – 02:40
Introducing Thomas Libby – 04:00
Leadership Consistency and Time – 05:30
This Podcast is Fundamentally Different from Anything Else Out There – 08:30
You Can Learn from Anyone – 09:30

Lawrence of Arabia, Episode #40 – 11:00
Controversy Comes When You’re Inconsistent – 13:40
At Least 15% of My 26K Tweets are Objectionable – 15:00
Context Matters for Determining Leadership Truth – 16:40
Let’s Leave Up Robert E. Lee’s Statue – 19:30
Christopher Columbus as the Original American Start-Up Founder – 20:37

The Anti-Federalist Papers, Episode #29 – 24:50
Leadership Education – 27:00
Can You Separate Leadership From the Leader? – 30:20
Bryan Cranston, Plato, and Malcolm in the Middle – 34:00
Leadership Art and Science – 36:00
Trial By Error and Magellan’s Journey – 39:00
Listener Feedback: Fitting The Round Peg into the Round Hole – 40:00
Daniel Golman and Jane Austen – 43:00
Listener Feedback: Taking Action in 2023 – 45:00
*Listener Feedback: The Leadership Lessons From the Great Books – 50:00 
The Three Percent Rule – 51:00

Play it as it Lays, Episode #46 – 56:00
Three Reasons We Host This Podcast – 57:30
Books Fundamentally Ground Culture – 1:00:15
Leaders Being a Jack of All Trades – 1:02:00
Generation Z’s Paralysis by Over Analysis – 1:06:00
Tom Libby’s Top Five Desert Island Films – 1:10:16
Stanley Kubrick, Jordan Peele, and Not Getting “It” – 1:14:00
Jesan Sorrells’s Top Five Desert Island Films – 1:21:00

Cocaine Bear Film Review – 1:35:00
Staying on the Path – 1:39:00

Note: *(@50:00 minute mark I misspoke Mitch Joel’s name and I meant Marc Maron. My apologies.)

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