Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. Du Bois w/Dorollo Nixon

Welcome & Introduction  – 00:20
The Problem of the 20th Century – 02:45
The Literary Life of W.E.B. Du Bois – 06:56
Slavery and the Indigenous Question – 12:00
The Spirit of Our Age – 17:37
What Responsibility Do Black Americans Have to Native Americans? – 20:00
The Anti-Federalist Papers and Arguments Against Slavery – 34:00
Suffrage Does Not Automatically Bring Character – 45:00
The Failure to Merge Washington and Du Bois – 47:11
Lincoln on Reparations – 55:44
The Failure to Merge The Approaches of Washington and Du Bois – 1:01:00
How People’s Political Choices are Driven – 1:06:23
Don’t Imbibe From The Cup of Bitterness – 1:10:29
Of Booker T. Washington and Others -1:20:00
Du Bois And Luxury Ideas – 1:23:00
California on Reparations – 1:35:00
Getting Reparations from Pharaoh – 1:45:00
There is no Socialist Workers’ Paradise – 1:49:00
Envy and the Credibility Chip – 1:30:00
Staying on the Path – 1:55:24

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