Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West w/Tom Libby

Welcome and Introduction – 00:00:54
“Their Manners are Decorous and Praiseworthy” – 00:01:31
New World Geography, Old Human Behavior – 00:11:09  
Tom Libby Introduction as Eagle Rising – 00:15:22
The Eye-Opening Nature of Dee Brown’s Book – 00:16:47
Everything I’ve Ever Read by Howard Zinn – 00:20:19
Talking Past Each other in the Same Room – 00:26:43
Conception of Ownership – 00:30:00
Adaptations of Western Europeans – 00:37:10
Little Crow’s War – 00:42:00
There Are No Winners in a Clash of Civilizations, Just the Dead and the Survivors – 00:49:00
The Tragedy of Little Crow’s Leadership – 00:53:04
MetaCom Tried to Push Back the Colonists – 00:59:02
One Million Buffalo on the Great Plains – 1:01:53
Red Cloud’s War – 1:13:00
Colonel Carrington’s Leadership Failures – 1:21:21
There Were Very Few People in Those Meetings That Saw Native Americans as Human Beings – 1:26:00
What Do You Replace Manifest Destiny With? – 1:34:49
Are We Better At Counting the Cost of Explorations and Warfare – 1:42:33
The Rise and Fall of Donehogawa – 1:52:47
Building Resiliency by Going Through Hell – 2:00:54
Staying on the Path – 2:09:40

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