The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway w/Libby Unger

Welcome and Introduction –  01:00
Francis and Robert Cohen  – 02:32 
“Sordid Little Catastrophes Involving Very Vulgar People” – 08:58 
T.E. Lawrence and Ernest Hemingway and World War One – 11:08 
Robert Cohn’s Rise and Fall – 19:25 
Leaders Read Hard Books That Look Easy – 21:47 
*Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Earnest Hemingway – 28:20 
Leadership Lessons from the French Tennis Federation – 33:21 
Leaders, Find The Original You – 42:04 
Everyone Needs a Bill Gorton in Their Life and Their Business – 45:30 
Free Speech and Free Thought are Essential for Growth – 52:27 
Leaders Challenge Tribal Thinking – 54:31 
Leaders Act with Love and Positivity – 01:01:55 
Destructive Decadence and The Lost Generation – 01:09:20 
Leaders Don’t Compromise Long-Term Values for Short-Term Gain – 01:17:21 
Curiosity and Discipline Drive Pursuit of Mastery – 01:23:03 
Entering The Bullfighting Ring Alone – 01:31:21 
Ernest Hemingway, Eric Liddell, and Missing the Olympics – 01:35:32 
Staying on the Leadership Path with The Sun Also Rises – 01:39:23 

*Listen to One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez in Episode #4 here –>

Opening theme composed by Brian Sanyshyn of Brian Sanyshyn Music.

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