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The Three C’s: Clarity, Candor, and Courage


Clarity, Candor, and Courage

Here’s a thought:

Clarity—If you don’t know what you’re talking about, why you’re talking about it, or what you want to get from the interaction we’re in, why are we talking?

Candor—If you can’t be honest in patience, tell the truth in love, worry less about shipping consequences, and worry more about shipping resolutions, then what are we seeking out of this interaction?

Courage—If you’re more worried about the consequences of an action that isn’t immoral, unethical, or illegal, but that makes the other party uncomfortable, intractable, or unpleasant, and if you are seeking to own their responses instead of executing your plan, are you ready to start negotiating?

Ask the four questions you need to ask and answer them with clarity, candor, and courage and you’ll get better outcomes.

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