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About HSCT - Meet The CEO

Human Services Consulting and Training was founded by this guy. But where it goes from here is up to you and your organization!

about hsct

Jesan Sorrells

CEO-Human Services Consulting and Training/Co-Founder - LeadingKeys

Jesan Sorrells serves as the CEO of Human Services Consulting and Training. Founded in 2013 and driven by the desire to see all of the world's problems solved through the effective, intentional application of leadership principles at the place where we spend 80% of our lifetimes--WORK--Jesan Sorrells, started HSCT with $50 and a few ideas.

He is the author of two books, Marketing for PeaceBuilders, and My Boss Doesn't Care, and has a presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Jesan has four children, two cats (they're great), and multiple responsibilities on non-profit boards and is active in his local church community.

His favorite quote (at least for 2020...) is: “The release of Internet communication power has changed everything except our ways of thinking ... the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only Google had known, they would have been better off becoming watchmakers.`` ~ adapted from Albert Einstein

Meet The Core Team At HSCT

Human Services Consulting and Training innovates on people even in our own organization. From operations that help get you onboarded to expert facilitators who help you get deep insights, we make it easy for you to connect with us here at HSCT!

Nicole Relyea

Operations Manager

Nicole Relyea is the Human Services Consulting and Training Operations Manager, as well as the on-boarding and scheduling expert for our flagship platform, LeadingKeys.

Her favorite quote is: “You're mad, bonkers, completely off your head. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” ~ Alice in Wonderland

Juwin Jumpp

Video Manager

Juwin Jumpp, the Human Services Consulting and Training Video Manager edits, compiles and shoots all of the video content for our modules, our live training, and for our video-conferencing based webinars.

His favorite quote is: ``Workers of the something...maybe unite...I don't know.`` ~ Juwin Jumpp

Cynthia McInerney

Client Relationship Success Manager/Sales Manager

Here at Human Services Consulting and Training, we believe that understanding the metrics behind leadership behaviors matters for success in sales. So does creating a relationship with YOU the client. Cynthia McInerney, our Client Relationship Success Manager/Sales Manager works to create relationships with organizations for our webinar solutions and to get organizations onto LeadingKeys, our flagship leadership development platform.

Her favorite quote is: ``You miss 100% of the shots you never take.`` ~ Wayne Gretzky

Justin Allen

Marketing Assistant

Human Services Consulting and Training's Marketing Assistant, Justin Allen works behind the scenes to help manage content on LinkedIn, SEO on our website, and provides helpful, timely insight into B2B marketing approaches for LeadingKeys.

His favorite quote is:

Krishna Patel

Research Assistant/Junior Instructional Designer

Leadership competencies, design approaches, and research arcs. Krishna takes care of all of these areas at Human Services Consulting and Training. From moving a client through our proprietary process to determining what new competencies a client organization should know, Krishna works hard to ensure quality in all our training content.

Her favorite quote is: The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.`` ~ Dr. Suess

Mehvish Khan

Junior Data Analyst

Data. Data. Data. In order to do the work with our clients, Mehvish helps us analyze our data gathered through sales, marketing, and even client feedback and generates spreadsheets, reporting documents, and creates internal tracking tools with her skills.

Her favorite quote is: ``Your limitation is only your imagination.`` ~ Tony Robbins

Meet The Facilitation Team At HSCT

Working with facilitators with deep expertise is hard. What’s even harder is having them deliver on leadership development content in a way that works for your organization. Our team of contract facilitators and SME’s is world-class, with 20+ years of collected experience in facilitation from sales to leadership development and everything in-between.

Karen Marsh

Contract Facilitator

End-to-end training and development professional, instructional designer and coach who helps businesses design, build and deploy great training for their stakeholders. Expert in adult education methodology, instructional design / ISD processes and procedures, training facilitation and training project management. Expertise in eLearning, ILT, blended learning; content writing and curation; instructional design project management. Dynamic workshop facilitator (live and online) specializing in leadership and soft skills training. Technologies used include Articulate Storyline, Captivate, Adobe Creative Suite, LMS's, WebEx, MS Office Suite; Zoom; Edifire; video and audio tools.

Sonya Sorrells

Contract Facilitator

Dynamic, seasoned professional life coach with an excellent track record of guiding individuals through typical and not so typical life challenges since 1998 with a focus on recent college graduates, healthcare professionals and employees working in the unemployment and mental health industries.

Experienced public speaker, skilled at course development and classroom instruction providing training for college-aged adults and adults in a variety of life-changing transitions.

Strong expertise in motivating and advising individuals, creating a positive rapport by tactfully managing problems and concerns.

An innovative leader highly accomplished in strategically cultivating new avenues relevant to the development of client interests while still maintaining, building, and expanding positive relationships with existing key stakeholders.

Bradley Matican

Contract Facilitator

Passionate about People Operations and Organizational Behavior. A global citizen with numerous experiences in over a dozen countries by understanding the business and natural culture of each place. Possessing a need for constant improvement, being an inclusive leader, and building ever-lasting bonds are aspects of my character I value the most.

Having everyone involved in brainstorming sessions creates a fun yet productive environment where I thrive. I love to listen – not only to what's being said but also to what is not being said; I have been commended for my listening skills. I enjoy making connections with other people, I’ve learned over time that everyone has something different to offer.

Audrey Halpern

Contract Facilitator

I develop customized professional (soft skills) training solutions( virtual and on-site) for companies that help to grow and retain top talent; Improving an employee's professional skills directly relates to the bottom line.

I develop customized professional (soft skills) training solutions( virtual and on-site) for companies that help to grow and retain top talent; Improving an employee's professional skills directly relates to the bottom line.

Effectiveness with soft skills training requires performing core strategies, and adhering to a learning model that links to the culture of the company.

My philosophy is centered on two questions.... how can I improve things around me and how can I assist people in becoming more self-aware.

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