Human resource professionals deal in regulation, policy and procedure.

CRaaS for Your Organization

Human resource professionals are often assigned to address conflict issues and determine consequences for participants involved in policy—and even legal and regulatory—violations.

And yet, for all of their necessity, human resource professionals are in an endless quandary of trying to be valuable, yet remaining unseen.

“No one wants to be in HR. Young people don’t even think about going into HR.”

As organizations shrink and change, the human resource professional must begin living up to the name of their industry. Learning to advance, beyond just the quick workshop session must occur in:

  • Innovation
  • Social media use
  • Conflict engagement
  • Emotional Intelligence

And then, the learning must be embedded into the organization and the HR professional, with software resources based in the cloud.

If not, the human resource profession runs the risk of being yet another industry—or division in an organization—where the question “Why don’t we just have AI-powered robots do this work?” becomes the opening question to disruptive change.

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