What is HSCT Doing About Novel Coronavirus, or COVID19?

Hello –

As the novel coronavirus or Covid 19 continues to impact businesses, schools, and governments across the country and the world, as the CEO and Founder of HSCT, I  wanted to reach out to you today and let you know a couple of things:

We here at Human Services Consulting and Training remain committed to working with our partners and clients through this time of uncertainty to offer advice, counsel, coaching, and consulting on how to approach the delivery of training and development solutions to their employees during this time.

We remain committed to offering our clients the highest quality possible, training and workshop services, all of which can be delivered remotely to employees and others in their homes as they are working remotely during the day.

We remain committed to open communication and will let you know what our contingency plans are as things change over the next days, weeks, and months as we respond, not react to the presence of novel coronavirus, or COVID 19.

As the CEO and Founder of HSCT, I’ve never operated in the spirit of fear or desperation. As the facilitator of training and development products and solutions for clients, I’ve always recommended responding rather than reacting for trainees when they are facing difficult situations and circumstances at work over which they have little to no control. And as the head consultant here at HSCT, I’ve always coached and consulted clients to be proactive and forward-looking, with intention, compassion, and hope.

I know that our country, our communities, and our clients can beat this seemingly insurmountable problem and that we can do it together.

Our entire team here at HSCT look forward to working with you, our future and current clients, to continue to create leaders in your organizations who build for the future.

Check out our website at https://hsconsultingandtraining.com for all of our leadership solutions including workshops, consulting and coaching solutions, and our newest flagship product, LeadingKeys.

And stay healthy and safe out there.



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How Do You Take Payment?

Invoicing for all of our services and products comes to your organization through Quickbooks. We also offer “no-hassle” contracts and a money-back guarentee on our training and development services.

Do Your Trainers Go Everywhere?

Our crack team of facilitators and coaches can work with you and your organizational team in-person or remotely via Zoom and Skype.

What Is LeadingKeys and How Do You Deliver It?

LeadingKeys is our flagship, leadership development application, designed to be on all of your devices, delivering MBA-level leadership skills education on-demand.

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What Are Your Consulting Service and How Do You Deliver Them?

We deliver high quality executive training services through our high-level executive training solutions, Three Pillars, Executive Consulting. Please click on the links for more.