Leadership Doesn’t Work Without a Value System

Leadership doesn’t work, resonate, or accomplish much of what it purports to, without being grounded in a set of values.

Dare we say “core” values.

Leadership Doesn’t Work Without Core Values

As the world has turned over the last four months, people have watched the failures of leadership manifest themselves in many industries, across many sectors and verticals, and in teams.

When leadership is stress tested, it reveals its true colors. It’s leading keys.

We have been tested since February here at Human Services Consulting and Training in ways we could not have imagined in December 2019. Well, we could have imagined it, but if we had said it out loud to anyone, we would have been taken to a psychiatrist.

At a practical level, if a leader can’t articulate what their own core values are, can’t articulate what the team’s core values are, can’t articulate the organization’s core values, then leadership will be no different than daily performance art.

And just as exhausting.

“What core values do you embody, and how have they helped you with your own climbs in business and in life?”

– Audrey Halpern

There are core values our team embodies here at Human Services Consulting and Training, and leadership role modeling requires that we talk about them here in this post.

Hopefully, this will provide value to others, inspiration to some, and motivation to thinking about the drivers that make leaders, lead.

Leadership Doesn’t Work Without Core Values

Leadership doesn’t work without core values and our team here at Human Services Consulting and Training has been working under these values, with these values, and through these values for years.

Our team at HSCT has worked with clients and people across all races, sexual orientations, ethnicities, religious backgrounds, and with different cultural and political values to make them better leaders.

Our company has hired people across all races, sexual orientations, ethnicities, religious backgrounds, and with different cultural and political values to work with all our varied clients.

Leadership Doesn’t Work Without Core Values

Learning is part of the work we do, both internally and externally.

When you hire, work with, and lead teams of people who range across the spectrum of backgrounds and values, the most important thing becomes, not checking the appropriate EEOC box (that already happens) or genuflecting without genuine commitment (as many organizations do), the creating of an environment where opinions and mindsets that are actually different are actually value.

Leadership Doesn’t Work Without Listing the Values

Leadership doesn’t work without listing the values, and so, here’s the list from us here at HSCT.

Credibility – Leadership can’t happen without trust. Trust builds through doing what you say you will do, commitment and consistency. Thus, credibility grows and is valuable when crisis arrives. We believe in credibility both internally and externally.

Leadership – Leadership can’t happen without leadership. There are many factors that go into leadership, but at the end of the day, leadership matters. We believe in leading ourselves, leading our team, and leading our clients.

Leadership Doesn’t Work Without Core Values

Teaching – Leadership won’t be effective with just entertainment or spectacle. At a certain point, a leader has to teach in order to lead. We believe in teaching.

Conflict – Leadership will create conflict. Either small or large, conflict will arise. Leaders who avoid conflict as a life strategy rather than as a temporary tactic can’t lead effectively. We believe in the value of conflict and all of its positive outcomes.

Leadership Doesn’t Work Without Core Values

Substance – Leadership that pursues symbolism over substance will fail. Leaders not only engage with substance, but also pursue the outcomes that substance—sometimes referred to as character—create. We believe that substance matters more than symbolism.

Experience – Leadership based on “flash in the pan” ideas or approaches that don’t actually work for real people with real problems isn’t leadership. Experience allows leaders to lead and it’s a gradual, long-term, and slow process through failure to get the experience you need to lead. We believe that we are gaining experience with every client, every individual, and every problem we help our clients solve.

Wisdom – Leadership requires lived, practical wisdom. It isn’t enough to have experience. It isn’t enough to just have the tools and skills of leadership. To lead people, a leader must have the wisdom, most commonly acquired through trial and error, and the courage to act on the insights from that wisdom. We honor the wisdom of those who have come before us. And hope to add to the pool of wisdom that leaders can access in the future.

That’s the list of the core values that drive the work that HSCT seeks to accomplish.

 We invite you to read our blog posts, take in our content, connect with us on social media, and then, reach out to us when you’re ready to work with us to insert these core values—or to reinforce these values with you, your team, and your organization.

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