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You have one need, leadership development that WORKS! We have one goal: Providing you leadership development that works! At HSCT, we have crafted our leadership solutions to work for YOUR organizational needs. We seek to guide you in the pursuit of approaching leadership development and growth while growing your teams’ strategic design, individual self-awareness, and to promote organizational growth and change. HSCT’s instructional designers will customize our Leadership Toolbox Masterclass solution to your particular organizational need. In as little as one to as many as four days, you and your organization will be placed firmly on the leadership path to a more productive business, team and organization!

leadership solutions


HSCT focuses on developing our clients to lay the groundwork to solve their leadership problems so that they can engage effectively with their organizational futures. We work with all types of clients, with a special focus on small and medium sized business entities, to provide a gateway to deep, functional expertise in leadership, and a fun approach to work.  HSCT’s all-NEW LeadingKeys app puts MBA level skills on your  manager’s and supervisor’s devices, delivering video based, interactive style, on-demand leadership content all the time!.


We believe all senior leaders have room to grow in their approach to self-awareness, conflict management, and leadership storytelling. Through our interactive, five day, Three Pillars experience, we work with senior leaders to increase their confidence, their competency, and their approach for themselves, their teams, and their organizations!

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