Get to Know the Leadership Toolbox©

Check out the video below about HSCT’s Leadership Toolbox Masterclass

The Leadership Toolbox Masterclass

The Leadership Toolbox Masterclass, developed from over 7+ years of facilitation experience with over 15,000 managers and supervisors in organizations by HSCT trainers and facilitators.

The Leadership Toolbox is supported by cutting-edge research and insights, is a comprehensive, remote delivered masterclass level training solution from HSCT.

Customized for you and your needs as a developing leader, the Leadership Toolbox Masterclass is loaded with 12 seminars of content, personalized coaching, and intensive assessment for your managers and supervisor.

Masterclass topic areas include:


The Leadership Toolbox Masterclass also features 2 Personalized Coaching Calls a month with Jesan Sorrells!

Priced at $6,999 for a four to twelve-month cohort-based, commitment of twelve (12), LIVE 2-hour, remote, video-conference-based webinar engagements, combined with 6.5 hours of live coaching, virtual needs assessments, and a certificate of completion.

This is a GREAT deal for your team and a great way to get–and keep–you on track and developing as a leader.