Get to Know Three Pillars © for Your Executive Leadership

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What is Three Pillars©?

Executives need help in navigating the leadership problems and issues that arise in their organizations and on their teams.  Executive coaching sometimes isn’t enough.  Executive consulting won’t always do it.

That’s when you need the executive development product, Three Pillars©. Developed by the facilitators and trainers at HSCT, Three Pillars© is an immersive executive leadership development experience that focuses on getting your executive team out of the office, away from the daily grind, and into the path of developing the team and organization.

Three Pillars© is a 12-month long executive seminar experience, facilitated by our professional facilitators that will give your executive teams the confidence to take on any leadership challenge.

Priced at $12,999 for a year-long commitment involving high engagement, intensive journaling, custom coaching, and immersive remote learning, this is a great way to get–and keep–your executive team on track and developed as effective leaders.