Leading Remote Teams Tomorrow Means Thinking Differently Today

Leading remote teams tomorrow, after this current crisis is over, means that leaders must “level-up” their skills, their knowledge, and their empathy.

Leading Remote Teams Tomorrow

Social distancing isn’t going anywhere for a while.

The fact is that while we are now rediscovering the deep benefits of being able to “touch” each other in a physical space to our learning, our interactions, and even our humanity, it doesn’t mean that we are going to rush right back in and pick up that tendency right off the bat.

The inherent lack of trust in another person, or group of people, to take care of their health, combined with a reliance on compliance with government authority and regulations, will not only cause remote work to grow as a fact of work life, but also, it will challenge leaders’ abilities to unite disparate team members cross-channel, and even cross platforms from in-person to virtual.

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel

We’re going to be more cautious, more reticent, and needing more clear-eyed leadership than ever before.

Leaders of suddenly remote teams should take a moment to embrace this crisis and the changes it is bringing.

Leading Remote Teams Tomorrow Means Behaving Differently

Leading remote teams tomorrow means behaving in a different manner.

While we are all experiencing “Zoom Fatigue” and we are just beginning to understand the limitations of video conferencing platforms, we are still trapped in a weird middle ground where the connection tools we’ve built aren’t connecting us in ways that truly represent our humanity.

Leading Remote Teams Tomorrow

Leaders of remote teams will face explosive growth in the following technological areas over the next two to five years as human beings race to build systems that will be able to overcome the next pandemic, based on lesson learned from this pandemic:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality Technology
  • Voice Operated Devices
  • Livestreaming Services
  • Augmented Reality Technology

But with all the focus on technology, the real strides will remain in continuing to sharpen and define for teams what human leadership actually looks like, built on the foundation of time-honored, unfancy, and unheralded skill sets, such as writing, listening, speaking, and connecting.

What Are We To Make of All of This?

Leaders of remote teams, particularly those who are new to the space of remote and even hybrid remote/on-site team leadership should be thinking strategically about how to cut through the pre-COVID-19 noise of old wives’ tales, fables, speculation, and comfortable untruths, to get to training and development that actually creates the results it says it does.

Leading Remote Teams Tomorrow

Human Services Consulting and Training is moving forward in this direction by launching an email only, video-based, continuing education course, Leading Remote Teams.

In this course, remote team leaders will have an opportunity to go deeper with each other, grow as leaders, and join a community of individuals who can provide support and growth during this hectic time.

And who can provide support and growth for tomorrow’s challenges.

The course runs for five weeks and costs only $1.00 a week.

Leaders spend more than that on personal cups of coffee, or on pens for the office.

Click on the button below to sign up for the course today and join a community of leaders who are seeking to grow and work, better, tomorrow.

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