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The only software built to deliver world-class leadership development to staff and administrators in the long-term care industry!

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120+ hours of video training on topics such as:

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Leading Remote Teams


Conflict Management


Dealing With Difficult People


Leadership Through DiSC

Trusted by Established Companies and Institutions

Built to UpSkill Staff and Create an Agile Workforce

Based On Live Training

LeadingKeys was developed from live, in-person leadership training, and development solutions for the last 7 years to over 18,000+ front-line staff in long-term care.

On-Demand, Video-First

LeadingKeys quickly delivers on-demand, video-first leadership training, and development tools to your device via mobile, desktop, laptop, and tablet.

Built For Flexibility

Built using the power of Amazon, LeadingKeys is light-weight and on all of your devices: mobile, tablet, and desktop.

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