The market of interpersonal relationships, organizational decisions, government policy actions, and every other theater of human endeavor you can imagine, rewards the big and splashy spectacle in the short-term, over the results of tried and true plodding in the long run.

In business, organizations, and in life, patience (and decisions made with an eye toward the future) is the character trait that builds successes.

The tension lies in balancing incremental change with the human desire to have an emotional experience immediately that imprints deeply.

Speed and accuracy can go together in deciding and committing to accomplishing a goal or starting an action.

But they can only be successful following a lifetime of acquiring wisdom and learning acquired through the application of patience.

Jesan Sorrells

Jesan Sorrells

Jesan Sorrells is the CEO and Founder of Human Services Consulting and Training and lead on HSCT's flagship product, LeadingKeys. Contact him directly at jsorrells@hsconsultingandtraining.com