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Be a Team Player/Teambuilding Webinar

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Be a Team Player/Teambuilding Webinar

Most employees will often find themselves working in a team. Unfortunately, sometimes people can clash, disagree, or simply have difficulty working well together.

Call it teaming, teambuilding, “getting along” or whatever you want, leaders must be able to forge disparate people, personalities, temperaments, talents, and skills in order to get the most optimal outcomes to accomplish overall organizational goals.

Your managers and supervisors will learn the following:

This webinar examines the roots of successful team building and explores methods to develop functional teams that go beyond theory into practicality.

$500 per 2-hour session REMOTELY DELIVERED VIA WEBINAR or can be COMBINED with our Leadership Toolbox Masterclass.

$1,500 per day IN-PERSON DELIVERED or can be COMBINED with our Leadership Toolbox Masterclass.

FREE with your organization’s LeadingKeys subscription.

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