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Conflict Management Webinar

conflict at work

Conflict Management Webinar

The origins of workplace conflict are as old as people and teams themselves and learning how to manage it has been the goal of anyone who values connectedness and productivity.

In an era of workplace psychological safety, managing conflict effectively in teams and in organizations matters now more than ever.

This webinar will provide participants with an understanding of how to master conflict-based communication, respect others, and foster broad-based workplace team development.

Your managers and supervisors will learn the following:

  1. How to navigate conflict with clear communication.
  2. How to recognize conflict when it happens.
  3. How to encourage team growth through conflict.

$500 per 2-hour session REMOTELY DELIVERED via WEBINAR or can be COMBINED with our Leadership Toolbox Masterclass.

$1,500 per day IN-PERSON DELIVERED or can be COMBINED with our Leadership Toolbox Masterclass.

FREE as part of your organization’s LeadingKeys subscription.

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