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Leadership Development Through DISC Webinar

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Leadership Development Through DISC Webinar

The DISC Personality Assessment is a validated behavioral assessment, which allows you to identify much about an individual, a team, and even an organization.

The DISC Personality Assessment allows leaders to align insights around behavioral temperament and type to provide leaders with actionable insights that can benefit the organization, the team, and even the individual.

Your managers and supervisors will learn the following:

  1. How to use insights from DISC for team success.
  2. How to recognize the difference between personality and temperament.
  3. How to encourage team growth through understanding different personality styles.

This webinar aids in understanding and implementing the insights from Everything DiSC (c) in the areas of hiring, team building, leadership development, and incorporating it into the everyday corporate culture for increased efficiency among co-workers.

$500 per 2-hour session REMOTELY DELIVERED via WEBINAR Cost of Everything DISC (c) from Wiley and Sons.

$2,500 per day IN-PERSON DELIVERED + Cost of Everything DISC (c) from Wiley and Sons.

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