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Storytelling for Business Success Webinar

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Storytelling for Business Success Webinar

What’s the linkage between storytelling, teaming,  and business success?

The narrative structure is pervasive in our thinking, our behavior, and our language. The power of the story is inescapable in organizations and teams.

It can be used as a tool to achieve many persuasive ends in any field.

Your managers and supervisors will learn the following:

  1. How to communicate with your team with candor, clarity, and courage.
  2. How to recognize the impact of stories on team development.
  3. How to encourage persuasion and storytelling through effective presentation skills.

This webinar aims to develop managers’ and supervisors’ strategies to become informed, responsible consumers and ethical, purposeful producers of storytelling, persuasion, and narrative team development in order to achieve professional and team success.

$500 per 2-hour session REMOTELY DELIVERED VIA WEBINAR or COMBINE with our Leadership Toolbox Masterclass.

$1,500 per day IN-PERSON DELIVERED or COMBINE with our Leadership Toolbox Masterclass.

FREE with your organization’s LeadingKeys subscription.

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