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We See You

emotional labor

We see you.

We see you making excuses for why the company culture is the way it is.

We see you lamenting that employees, teams, and others in the organization won’t change their behaviors at work.

We see you becoming frustrated with the pace of change coming that you didn’t initiate.

We see you when you tell the employees, teams, and others who want change, “That’s the way we’ve always done it here.”

We see you when you ignore structural sclerosis, cultural issues, and fake conflicts surrounding the “hard” choices you must make to change the culture because of you protecting your position and power in the hierarchy.

We see you.

But we also see all of this, and more, for the excuse making that it really is.

We see it for the hiding, the need for reassurance, the fear of risk, the lack of desire to expend political capital, and the need for validation.

We see all of this.

And, when you then come to us, and tell us to do the tasks that are necessary to move the organization forward; when you come to us to ask us to stop resisting and comply; when you come to us with a posture of power, authority, and a threat; we become disillusioned, disgusted, and disappointed.

And, as the world of workplaces continues to break down into smaller and smaller component parts, and as leadership at scale shifts from mass toward customization and personalization, we become more likely to leave you, not less.

So, yes, you’re the boss.

Trust us, we get that.

But, we are leaving if you don’t change what we see.


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